The First Flower Show in Baghdad Iraq

The next time your town or club says a flower show is too much work, consider this first flower show in war torn Baghdad.

Photo from Getty via:

The week long show was orchestrated to send a message of love and peace according to the city council's spokesperson Hakim Abdel Zahara.

While the war continues there are pockets of beauty and efforts to make life normal and less gruesome for those who can understand such impulses.

During war, not everyone is in the army, an insurgent, a spy. Most of the population is praying for peace, though a flower show seems incongruous to many.

The New York Times article on the show was titled, "Iraq's False Spring"; you can click here to read it and see more photos.

Subtopia Blogspot has a May 18 in-depth article with more photos. It's worth a click.

The time of violence and fear is over now.”


Sally said…
I'm glad that a flower show in Iraq could be pulled off. I hope many people had access to the beautiful gardens.
Thanks for the links. I had no idea about the creeping hedge problem in Iraq. And we think the weeds here are bad...
Martha said…
Isn't that amazing, Sally? Both the week long flower show and the creeping hedge.

The desert is stranger than I thought.

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