Goat Mowing

CNN reports that states are using goats to mow state owned property. Click here to read it.

Maryland released 40 of them to chew on the highway right of way until fall.
The governor calls it "Smart, Green and Growing" - all part of a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Another environmental impact is avoiding harm to threatened bog turtles in the area. Mowing with goats costs the state only $5,000 a year

Hempstead, New York, bought goats to control grass growth at a 50-acre park and preserve.

Vail, Colorado has 500 weed-eating goats and Denver Colorado uses goats to mow vacant lots.

Google rents goats to control the grass on their campus. California Grazing rents their 800 goats to companies and municipalities. Sunnyvale CA uses goats to control grass at their landfill. The City of San Jose uses goats to mow grass around a power plant.

This is terrific isn't it? The goats get to eat their fill, no gas is burned mowing the grass and the ground is fertilized at the same time.


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