June 6 Symphony in the Park - Free

Saturday, June 6 will be a big day at Honor Heights Park. Families, church groups and civic clubs will be gathering to picnic, walk through the park and enjoy a free concert.

Edie McJunkins, foreman of the park, said that new plants are being put in every day to get the park ready for the 6th.

From 1:30 to 6:30 the Rotary Club is holding a fundraiser wine tasting at the park. For $15 you can taste wines from seven Oklahoma wineries and sample bread and cheese. The wine, bread and cheese will also be available for sale.

Miss Addie’s will be selling cold sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers.

Friends of Honor Heights Park will have a popcorn and cold drink concession starting at 6:00 with free balloons for children of all ages. You can also purchase a Friends membership that night.

At 7:00 Muskogee Community Band and Singers are performing George and Ira Gershwin show tunes. Bring your blanket or chairs to sit on the lawn.

No matter what time you come to the park, take a walk to look at the great plantings.

At the waterfall, the perennial bed is waking up for the summer. One of the painted mailboxes is by the waterfall, too.

There is a bed of pink flowering Black Lace Elderberry on the hill coming down from the VA Hospital.

Whether you are walking or driving through the park, look for hundreds of bronze leaf begonias. McJunkins said they handle the sun better than green leaf begonias.

The bed of butterfly attracting plants has another one of the mailboxes – with butterflies on it. The area includes Chaste Trees, Butterfly Bushes, Variegated Hydrangea and Canna Lilies.

“I’m so proud of our butterfly bed,” McJunkins said. “We went to butterfly displays all around Texas to learn what to put in to bring the butterflies. It’s a beautiful garden.”

Across the road look for Golden Globe Spirea with lime green leaves and pink flower clusters.

Local grower and landscaper, Ray Wright, dedicated a memorial garden to his son and donates the plants to fill it. This year Wright’s theme is wave petunias in purple, red and white.

When the blue Salvia came back from seed, park workers moved them into a bed that is now completely blue flowers.

“We put layers of colors in some of the beds,” McJunkins said. “The Barberry is in the back of one bed for the colorful background it gives the flowers.”

The Rose Garden has 300 new plants this year and the paths have been improved. Several roses are in full bloom already.

“When people come to the Rose Garden they seem to stop to look at the solid color flowers most,” McJunkins said. “We have Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Carefree Wonder roses.”

Yellow water iris is growing in the creek. Near the benches look for the grove of Artillery Ferns. McJunkins described them as invasive but they look great where they are.

Other places to stroll: Take a walk through the White Garden, check out the new dock at the Kirschner Pond, or walk around the big pond.

The Arboretum is filled with hundreds of trees surrounded by walking paths. Many trees have identifying tags and were planted in memory of family and friends. Benches are scattered along the paths so you can stop and enjoy the scenery.

Take a walk around to see the results of the Parks Department creativity and weeks of work. Come early to support the Rotary fundraiser, grab a burger or some popcorn and enjoy the music.


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