New Nectar Gem Hummingbird Feeder

New and improved are two words that apply to this new style hummingbird feeder from Homestead, a division of Gardner Equipment.
What new design does is keep mold and ants away.

Nectar concentrate pouches are part of the system so you don't have to boil sugar and water to make the food. The feeder valve is designed to provide a steady supply of food without air pockets.

The package is $12.99 including shipping at Nectar Gem dot com and contains 2 pouches of food and 2 feeders. There is also a tube of papaya flavoring in the package.
You can call the company at 800-393-0333 for stores near you that carry the product. Looks like a great gift item, too. Order at this link Nectar Gem .

It's pretty cool that the feeder design prevents air from entering the food container. I assume I can make my own feeder sugar-water after the hummingbirds eat the contents of these pouches.


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