Table Top Gardener is One Cool Tool for Gardeners

Check out the Table Top Gardener.

From Argee Corp., this affordable asset is a terrific way to get gardening tasks up off the ground.

You don't have to be disabled or elderly to want to take care of potting and re-potting without getting onto the ground. But, this cool tool would help those groups, too.

Have a mom or grandmother or aunt who needs a gift this coming Sunday for Mother's Day?

It is lightweight, has handles on the sides and is deep enough to be useful. Of course crafters will find uses for it, too.

For apartment dwellers, it's perfect because it keeps everything contained on the kitchen table or out on the deck.

The Table Top Gardener is $13.95 at the Argee site here and their phone is 619.449.5050.

Marc at GardenDesk has photos of himself using it. Here's the link to Marc.

Very cool.


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