Earth Tainer pdf at This Blue Marble and Instructional Videos at Tomato Fest Site

Today, a blog reader wrote a comment on one of my entries from last summer, saying that the Earth Tainer instructions were no longer available at the link provided.

It's true that the pdf link where you contribute to a charity is a broken link. But the instructional videos are still available.
Click on this link to go to Tomato Fest

Scroll down the page to the bottom. The links are still active and you can see the videos Link one is building. Link 2 is assembly. Link 3 is planting.
EarthTainer Construction Videos
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Building the EarthTainer View video, Download video Chapter 2 - Assembling the Cage System View video, Download video Chapter 3 - Planting View video, Download video

AND, if you want the revised version 1.6 printed instructions in a pdf file they are at This Blue Marble. Click here Homemade EarthTainer. The constructionsection is a pdf and the assembly links are there, too.

Hope this helps. Tell me if you build them and how they work.


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