Welcome to Hector Salazar's Garden

The home of Hector Salazar was on the Memphis tour I've written about in the last few posts.

Salazar is a hardscape designer who has projects all around his home that reflect his artistic skills.

Tour guests crossed the driftwood bridge to walk through three garden rooms with lawn in the center and dozens of plantings around the perimeter.

The pedestal behind Hector in the photo was painted by

Architect John Tackett.

Hector did all the plantings and work himself so the gardens are delightfully personal rather than stiffly designed and executed by a third party.

With a home next to Memphis Botanic Garden , Hector has made his property a worthy neighbor.

A small building was designed by Tackett for the backyard. It is one of several charming gathering places on the property.

His collection of plants includes several types of hydrangea (including Red Cardinal), a collection of bamboo, wild begonia, Chinese parasol trees, variegated dogwood, salvias, etc.

The water features include ponds and a fountain. All in all, an enviable garden that is inviting and creative.


The Diva said…
I love that bridge. I want one.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
These are great photos and I am sure Hector was happy to have everyone (300 visitors that morning) view his garden with over 50 varieties of hydrangeas. But his last name is SAMADA.

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