25 June 2008

Orchids and Hydrangeas Oh My

The garden you will see today belongs to Madeline Holbert who is lucky enough to live very close to the Memphis Botanic Garden and the Dixon Gallery and Garden.

Holbert is the gardener at her home: She grows the plants and tends them.
Look at the view that greets visitors as they walk through the gate - this panorama of hydrangeas. No photo can illustrate how beautiful it is with the expanse of lawn between the flowers and the house.

Behind the first view this vine-laden fence separated parts of the garden. I can't figure out what the plant is and it was not in bloom so

I took a closeup of the leaves for future research.

Madeline inherited her mother-in-law's orchid collection and the orchid house was built to keep them as beautiful as they were when she received them.

The temperature is kept at 60-degrees in the winter and 85-degrees in the summer.

Look at these blooms!

And, here is Madeline herself. She was a wonderful hostess to all of us as we walked through her gardens pointing, asking, oooohing and aaaaaahing.

One of our nosey questions was about fertilizer and Holbert said she uses Miracle Grow Shake and Feed and 20-20-20 just like the rest of us.

If I lived in Memphis I'd try to make her into a friend.


Anonymous said...

I believe the vine was Clematis armandii however the picture doesn't look like its' leaves.

Martha said...

Hi -
Glad you stopped by.

I'm still stumped by that vine. I have the homeowner's email and should contact her to find out!