18 June 2008

Hydrangea Society Tour in Memphis Tennessee

A few of us traveled to Memphis to the annual hydrangea tour. This year's tour included Memphis Botanical Garden, the gardens at the Dixon Gallery, and three private gardens.

At the sale, the volunteers had everything set up beautifully. There was a table full of hydrangea flowers labeled with the variety, so attendees would be able to identify the flower they were looking for under the plant tent.

In addition, we visited two nurseries, one of which was GardensOyVey.
As you walk through GardensOyVey, you stroll through paths of plants, pass the pond in this photo, and generally enjoy a beautiful place created by people who love plants.
This is the one I bought at OyVey. It is the climbing hydrangea that grows in practically full shade.

If you have a chance to attend a plant society tour, take advantage of it. Being around people who love plants makes for a nice vacation.

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