15 June 2008

Build Yourself an Earth Tainer for Tomatoes with Plans Compliments of Ray Newstead

Imagine a tomato planter that holds 10-gallons of water, keeping your plants happily moist while conserving water.
Californian Ray Newstead was inspired by a product he saw and thought he could improve upon. Newstead made his planters out of easy to find plastic containers for a cost of under $25.

Photo: Valencia tomatoes
The plans are free at the Tomato Fest site though you are requested to make a donation to Feed the Children in exchange for downloading the plans.
The 16-page plan document format is Adobe PDF.
Newstead's Earth Tainer site looks new; the plans are not available on it yet.


Howard in Houston said...

tomatofest.com appears to have gone away. I don't know if the plans are available anywhere else. I hope so!Howard

Martha said...

Tomato fest is there as of 10.24.12 at http://www.tomatofest.com/

Martha said...

and specifically