09 June 2008

Botanical Gardens are Rich Resources

There are many public gardens around the country. Some of them provide more than just a beautiful place to walk and observe garden design.

This photo is from a recent visit to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks
- it is a plant surrounded by glass stones in a planter that is at eye level.

The website for the New York Botanical Garden has a What's In Bloom link that shows which flowers bloom when - a useful tool for planning your garden.

Bowman's Hill Wildlife Preserve in PA provides wildflower bloom by month.

Although it's not a botanical garden per se, the University of Arkansas site is not to be missed for its informative articles on botanical topics by Janet Carson, Gerald Klingaman and Stephan Vann.

The Birmingham Alabama garden also provides a list of flowers blooming month by month.

At the Kemper Center for Plant Information in MO gardeners can explore and discover plants of distinction, pesticide information, nurseries and their plant inventories, and Plant Finder with 4,000 Kemper plants identified and described.

Photo: Lettuce and mustard
thrive in the flower beds at Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville Arkansas.

UCB Botanical Garden offers a botanical photo of the day delivered to your email inbox.

Don't miss the Botanical Web Portal a sort of master site with links to all things botanical including botanical and public gardens.

Yahoo has a list of botanical gardens that makes for good plant browsing as well as vacation planning.

If learning is on your to-do list right now, Cornell University is offering online classes in botanical illustration, organic gardening and plant propagation. Tuition ranges from $300 to $500. At the link you can register or request notification of future offerings.

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I use the Kemper garden all the time.~~Dee