16 June 2008

Enabling Garden Planted

It is amazing what a small group of committed individuals can do to create beauty.

A little pocket park was created years ago when Okmulgee St. was extended into Chandler Road in Muskogee OK.

The park was planted with tulips by Lela Robison and her son's Boy Scout troop. Robison's family worked with Muskogee Parks and Recreation Dept. on the funding so raised beds with irrigation would be put in place.

Muskogee Garden Club voted to invest $1,000 in new plants and ten volunteers came out this Saturday to put them into the beds. In addition to the purchased plants and mulch, Blossom's Garden Center donated flats of annuals to brighten the park until the perennials get established.

The Enabling Garden is meant to be enjoyed by everyone but especially by the elderly, children and anyone in a wheelchair.

Robison's family, Muskogee Parks and Recreation Department and Muskogee Garden Club hope to bring more features to the garden in the years ahead but this is a great start.

If you are in the Muskogee area, bring a picnic and the family over to enjoy this new attraction.

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Dee/reddirtramblings said...

This is so cool. Was it an Eagle project? ASW is in Boy Scouts and will be working on his Eagle next year.~~Dee