23 June 2008

Cloud Pruning at Dogwood Acres

A shaded walk of hydrangeas, hydrangeas growing on walls and vinca growing on statues - all of these greeted us at Dogwood Acres on our garden tour in Memphis.

Fay Sanford is the artist behind these beautiful views in every direction. She and her husband have owned the house with 3-acres since 1976.

Sanford does the planning, helps with the cloud pruning of the American
Boxwoods and mows much of the lawn.

Cloud pruning was new to me and I don't know where you could see a finer example of the art.

Sanford said she and her gardener Charlie Lee prune in the spring and in the fall to keep the boxwoods in their heavenly shapes.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

How interesting. I've never heard of it either. We were in Memphis, but I didn't get to do garden tours.~~Dee

Molly Day said...

The private garden tours were fab. We love Memphis gardens - so lush and southern.