02 June 2008

Blooming June First

The garden is pretty in early June despite the 1.5 inches of rain and 50 mile an hour winds of yesterday. Lots of tall plants ended up on their sides, including the larkspur, cosmos, corn and Brussels sprouts.
The first photo is the orange Oriental Lily surrounded by purple larkspur. In front is a cosmos and in back there are snow peas (the edible pea pod type) growing on the fence.

Around the corner in a nook this pink Oriental Lily is blooming.It stands about 4-feet tall.

Many of the poppies are still blooming at the same time they are making seed heads.

Have you seen those commercials for vegetable juice? The V-8 ones where they pop themselves on the head? I had one of those experiences today while cutting back iris leaves and flower stalks.

I picked up a pair of pruners and set out to trim. The result was like they were chewing off the leaves and stems of the poor plants. So, I traded for the new bypass pruners. Once again the job was easy with a better tool. Seems like I've learned that lesson before.

The features Fiskars lists for the unusual looking Power Pivot Bypass pruner include: Rear-positioned Power-Pivot™ mechanism; 1/2-inch cutting capacity in a bypass blade configuration; non-stick blade coating; non-slip Softgrip® handles. Ask for a pair for some upcoming holiday or treat yourself.

I'm learning through trial and error how to have somewhat continuous bloom.
The Dave's Garden email this week has an article by Sharon Brown on blooming sequence. Brown has a list of plants by bloom time that you may find handy as you plan for next year.

What's growing where you are?

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