28 June 2008

Train Ride in the Boston Mountains

The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad runs restored trains through the Boston Mountains and we took one of the rides today.

some of the photos we took-

the caboose and engine change directions at the end of the line

lots of wildflowers grow along the tracks

the train crosses several creeks and rivers

the brass fixtures are restored and remain

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Eve said...

That must have been so much fun. I am glad you took the pics of the hardware, it is so interesting. I once collected old hardware like that but lost most of it during the Hurricane that hit us on the Gulf Coast in 2005. I still have a few old handles and door knobs and some very old brass keys though. I love your blog and plan to visit often.

Martha said...

Hi Eve -
The entire experience was great. We took the grandgirls and they enjoyed it too.
The train is beautifully done - not plasticized, but actually restored.
One passenger complained about the lack of stops for shopping - it is a nature lovers' ride that she found boring. Made me laugh.
Sorry about you losing your collection of hardware. Hopefully, something new will take its place.