Outdoor Pavilion by Smith and Hawken

If you were thinking of buying a gift for a garden lover, this is something wonderful to consider.

Not a plant to take care of. Not fruit trees that need spraying and harvesting. Not a tool to use.

But a place to be, a place to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A place to read a book, stare at the sky, whatever.

Specs: This modular pavilion is produced with 4 mm wire, powder-coated to endure outdoor conditions. The crisscross design of the trellises is great for climbing vines. Pavilion price is $2,021. (Furniture not included.)

Kit includes 13 Wide/Tall Trellises and 6 Narrow/Tall Trellises
Crafted from durable 4mm wire, powder-coated to withstand weathering
Each piece features a slightly distressed finish
Classic criss-cross design supports climbing vines without detracting from your garden's beauty
Available in Black and Matte Grey
Dimensions: (Wide/Tall 21” W x 84” H Narrow/Tall 10.5” W x 84” H)
Materials: Powder-coated wire

Smith and Hawken outdoor furniture link.


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