30 October 2008

New-To-Me Seed Companies

This succulent is solid green in the summer. After the freeze, it turned a lovely pink.

A fellow gardener and a garden writer recommended two seed companies.
1. Chiltern Seeds in England at www.chilternseeds.co.uk
2. Pinetree Garden Seeds at www.superseeds.com/

Here's what I ordered from Chiltern
Calendula officinalis 'Dandy' Price: 1.60
Salvia horminum 'Oxford Blue' Price: 1.78
Corydalis lutea Price: 1.95
Calendula officinalis 'Art Shades' Price: 1.52
Cabbage 'Flower of Spring' (Heirloom open-pollinated pointed heart variety)Price: 1.43
Bean, Climbing French (or Pole) 'Hunter' (flat pods) Price: 2.23
Lettuce Mixed Varieties Price: 1.90

From Pinetree Garden Seeds I ordered
MAMMOTH RED CLOVER 1 1/2 LBS Price: $5.95
ALMA PAPRIKA PEPPER (70 days) Price: $1.30
PIMENTO PEPPER (75 days) Price: $0.75
CREGO MIX ASTER Price: $0.75

The gardener who told me about Pinetree Garden said that the packets are less expensive than other providers because they contain fewer seeds.

Who do you usually order seeds from?


Carol said...

I love Pinetree for seeds. I order 80 percent of what I need for my vegetable garden from them.

Martha said...

Hi Carol -

No kidding! And, I just found out about the company recently from a friend who grows plants to sell.

I was looking through the Harris Seed catalog today and tore out the things I still want to order.

Now you have me thinking about Pinetree for the rest of the veggies.

Do they send out a catalog? Catalog reading is such a wonderful passtime after a busy outside day like today.

Botanical Interests said...

We don't mail out a catalog, but you can veiw all of our varieties on our website. We're a family owned company and we offer over 500 varieties, including many heirloom and organic varieties. Hope we can be new-to-your garden this spring!