20 October 2008

Children Love Being In Your Garden

The Ontario Oregon paper, the Argus Observer, has a great column about children in your garden. The writer, Tammy Jones, has been (admirably) working with the Junior Master Gardener program. Greening Up Your Thumb: Garden With Your Children

Here are some of Jones' observations:

Children are very interested in going out and playing in the dirt.

They want to know what you are doing and why.

Children especially love worms, or they especially hate them. So, let them know about worms.

Tell them what they do for the soil and how much they are needed in the garden. A really cool fact about worms is they have four hearts. Let your children know this and other facts about the lowly worm.

Children love bugs of all kinds. Even girls want to know about them and want to hold and look at them.

Jones went on to say, "This week, our program planted a tree at the Payette Primary School to teach children how to plant a tree and what kinds of tree shapes interest them. "

So, dear readers, I'm an older person who loves worms and children. Where can I find more children to share my worms growing project with? Want to come over and share my worm enthusiasm?

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