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In a 1996 edition of his Burpee Home Gardener publication, George Ball wrote about an idea for a Garden Party. His premise is that since there are more gardeners than either Republicans or Democrats, gardeners should come together to change things as their own party.

Ball says gardeners are too busy to attend political rallies. We are not busy playing golf, we are digging potatoes and dividing perennials.

"You don’t hear them braying on talk radio or read their soil-smudged vituperative letters to the editor. Gardeners are still the Silent Majority."

He lists the strengths of gardeners: Down to earth, planning, love of nature .... . . .

So, nation of gardeners, click here to read Ball's pithy commentary. While your are at the blog be sure to click on the little link at the top of the page, Beeway. Great photos of flowers and bees.

Another click of interest on the blog is Heronswood Top 20. It is their best sellers with links to learn more about each.

In case you don't know who George Ball is, he is one of four brothers that took over Ball Horticultural Company in 1949. Since college graduation, Ball worked for the family business and worked his way up to president of Pan American Seed. Then, they purchased Burpee seed and he became president of the holding company in 1993. Other executive positions followed. Burpee bought Heronswood Nursery and Ball is president.


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