Lovejoy's Trowel and Error

Trowel and Error is a 2003 book that I got through an online bookswap, Paperback Swap. Sharon Lovejoy compiled 700 quick tips in an attractively laid out format that makes it fun to read. Her illustrations are delightful.

Lovejoy's website has information about her other books, including Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots. (Note: Some of the links on the site do not work anymore and the newsletters link goes only to 2005.)

Here are a few of the 700 tips in this great little volume.

Trap gypsy moths with sticky backed shelf paper folded inside out taped to a tree. Replace after rain or when full of insects and eggs.

Moles are actually beneficial to have in the garden because they eat grubs. Use the soil they throw in your potted plants.

Buy rolls of inexpensive wrapping paper and coat it with canola oil. Spread on beds and cover with mulch. Make planting holes wherever you want.

Activate the compost pile with nitrogen found in rabbit food or kitty litter if you are short of fresh grass clippings.

Combine a tablespoon of castor oil, a tablespoon of liquid soap and a gallon of water. Drench the soil of potted ferns to perk them up.

The book is available from Lovejoy's site as well as from book sellers and the Internet. Here's more information from an eBay Epinions writer with more of the tips.


Anonymous said…
Hi Molly,

Thanks for mentioning my book Trowel & Error! I appreciate your comments. FYI I have a blog now and mention that on my home page. I TRY to update it every couple of weeks, depending on my schedule. I love getting all the e-mails from readers and feel it is much more personal and makes me a part of a big blogging family.

All best to you, Sharon Lovejoy

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