Bulbs for Christmas Bloom

When shopping for bulbs, bigger is better. Try to show up at the store the same week the bulbs arrive and dig through those boxes and pick out the biggest and blemish free of the lot.

I ordered 50-Scilly White Narcisus for forcing indoors on the windowsill in the kitchen. Look at the size bulb I received from Touch of Nature. That's a 6-inch kitchen ruler holding TWO bulbs. Scilly white can also be planted outside to bloom in early early spring, late winter. It is scented but not as heavily as Paperwhite which offends some people.

Daffseek says about Scilly White: Usually three to twenty flowers to a stout stem, sweet scented and very short cupped. Perianth segments rounded and often somewhat crinkled.
Dwarf - Year Reg: 1865
Fertility: Both Seed and Pollen
ADS Historics List

WEB ONLY - This link will take you to a fall bulb sale from a great supplier. You won't find the offer on their website so you'll have to use this link.

We'll Bounce Back/Economic Stimulus Sampler from Old House Garden Bulbs

Gardening teaches us optimism, and despite the economic storm sweeping the planet these days, we know sunnier days will come again as surely as spring itself. To help you get through the gloom, we’ve put together this special new sampler. For just $30 we’ll send you at least $50 worth of fabulous bulbs that we simply have too many of this fall. Yes, $50! Though actual choices will vary, possibilities include ‘Little Witch’ and ‘Queen of the North’ daffodils, ‘White Henryi’ lilies, ‘Diana’ and ‘Columbine’ tulips, Elwes snowdrops, and Crocus tommasinianus ‘Albus’. No matter what we choose for you, this is one investment that’s sure to bring you glorious returns. For zones 5, 6, and 7 only (sorry!), and only while supplies last.
#CO38 -->Add to Basket:
1/$30 2/$60 3/$90

Don't miss out on blooming bulbs at Christmastime.


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