06 October 2008

October's Flowers and Vegetables

This flower bed is bursting with fall color

In another spot, marigolds peek through Weigela.

Our little vegetable garden continues to work hard.

Every day it produces something that winds up on the table.

Now the former cucumber trellises are covered with gourd vines.

The tomatoes and eggplant became tonight's stir fry. Lettuce seedlings went into the open spots yesterday, in time to take advantage of the October rain.

A package of seeds arrived today. I'm going to try to grow lettuce in cold frames.
Have you had any success with that kind of project? What works? Any advice?


Anonymous said...

I want to hear how cold frames work for you, Martha. I want one, but haven't built one yet. Maybe I can get HH to do it this weekend. Yeah, right!~~Dee

Molly Day said...

I used to wonder why anyone would try to grow lettuce all winter.

Now that I am a member in good standing, of the Gardening Addicts Club, I am doing the same thing.

Whether it works or not, I'll post it on the blog.