Proven Beauty - A New On-Line Magazine from Proven Winners

Very new, fresh, and clever - check out Proven Beauty, an online magazine from Proven Winners.

Proven Winners introduces and promotes new plant varieties - mostly flowers and shrubs as far as I can tell. You probably have seen the Proven Winner tag on plants in good nurseries.

P. Allen Smith has an article, of course. The features include butterfly gardening, watering, drought tolerant plants, the difference between annuals/perennials, plant features, fertilizing, and more.

Click on the link if you would like to see the future of gardening magazines.

I have a tip for you.
On the left side of the main page there is a drop down menu. Click on it and then
click on Effects, the last item on the menu.
Set the zoom setting at 60 percent so you can read the pages without so much scrolling. You'll see what I mean when you get there.

There is a reader survey to complete if you want to share your point of view about this new publishing medium.

Thanks to Acres Online from Ball Publishing for the tip about Proven Beauty.


Anonymous said…
Oh, Martha, that's so neat. I'm on my way over there to view, once I finish catching up with you.~~Dee
Molly Day said…
Technology keeps moving and this is a terrific way to produce an online magazine.
It definitely has a wow factor.

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