Peek-a-Boo at the St. Louis Zoo

While visiting the St. Louis Zoo to see the Monsanto Insectarium we walked through the zoo to see some of the large animals. Have you visited a zoo lately? Where? How was the experience?

Mountain Valley Growers is having their annual fall sale. I had good luck with most of the plants I bought from their sale last year.

Southern Bulb has Oxblood Lilies on sale for $7 each. Is this a good price?

Thinking of fall gardening? Tulsa Master Gardeners email newsletter today came out today with a link to the OSU Fall Gardening fact sheet.

I tried to start seeds for a fall garden about a month ago, then we had that hot spell so nothing germinated. What will you be planting for your fall garden?


Anonymous said…
No fall garden for me. I've had very limited luck in the past.~~Dee

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