Gardener Writes About Her Oklahoma Gardening

The flower is a scented gladiolus, ABYSSINIAN GLAD
from Old House Gardens. If you don't have any yet. Click on over there and check them out. - 10 for $6.25 - I wish I had ordered the 50 for $27. They really light up the September border!

Dee Nash from the Oklahoma City area is getting started in the garden writing biz. She is an experienced gardener (over 25 years) and writer but new to combining them at the Examiner.

Please click on this link
and take a look at what Nash is up to on her western Oklahoma 7.5 acres.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link. I do love Oklahoma and the garden writing biz.~~Dee
Molly Day said…
No matter which garden blog I read, the writers talk about unpredictable weather making it difficult to be the gardener they wish they could be.

We need a bunch of Oklahoma garden columnists and blogs to help us succeed. Yours has great info.

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