Farming and Country Life - Lonely Farmers Hook-up

The cool weather has virtually stopped the tomato production in its tracks. I'm leaving the plants in place in case an Indian Summer arrives in a few weeks with a return to 90-degrees.

The basil flowers have been covered with honey bees and butterflies for months. Now the small migrating birds are taking the seeds. If you live far from Muskogee Oklahoma and find basil seedlings in your flower beds, you will know whom to blame - the birds.

Know any lonely farmers who want to meet a new sweetheart? Want to vacation on a farm? Looking for farm fresh products?

The website, Farming and Country Life has help for all that. And more.

The Farm Art click takes you to a list of facilities in England with art classes, restaurants and studios.

Europe's link invites you to vacation on a European farm. Want something that costs a bit less than a week near Paris? Click on farm jobs worldwide. You could sign up on line through an email and eventually arrange to take the family on a trip to help with the harvest.

Prefer the U.S. for a working vacation? Try Liberty Hill Farm in Vermont.

It would be a change of pace for city dwellers who want to have a vacation that gets them up and moving in a serene spot of the earth.


Anonymous said…
Would certainly like to enjoy a vacation trip to your farm.
Anonymous said…
Well, that post proves that spam comes in all forms and approaches!

Oh, well. Don't click on the links -they take you to a commercial website.


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