Gardening in Cooler Weather Today

Small invasive native trees got the chop today: Bradford pears, mulberry and their kin. If we don't get them while their trunks are only a couple of inches in diameter, it becomes a significant task to get them out.

Here is a useful information source:
The Gardening Launch Pad is a site that is loaded with links of interest to surfers around the country.

Their link for native plants is here. At the link, you'll find native plant societies, wildlife gardening, and plant information of all stripes.

In the garden today:
This is a milkweed tiger moth caterpillar
that was on a sweet smelling flowering vine. The Monarch butterfly caterpillars were also on the vine and subsequently made chrysalis on the fence near the vine. The vine might be Sand Vine which is growing and blooming all over our area right now.
If you drive with the windows open, the sweet, honeysuckle-like scent floats into the car.

The moth itself in rather ordinary looking. But the caterpillar - what a sight!


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