Eye-Popping New Daffodils from New Zealand's John Hunter

I subscribe to the daffodil conversation from the American Daffodil Society. John Hunter, a daffodil breeder with almost 60 years of experience, recently bred and grew these two beauties.
These are two of the photos he sent to the list and they are posted here with his permission.
John Hunter's contact via email is jahunter@xtra.co.nz
and by mail is
John Hunter Daffodils Patons RoadRD 1, Richmond Nelson New Zealand
In a Suite 101 column Hunter recommended these daffodils:
Bandit 2W-YYO
Florence Joy 2W-W
Centrefold 3W-YYR
Dream Maker 3W-WWO Raised by Spud Brogden
Freya 2W-YY
Sunchild 2W-WY
Gold Imp 2Y-O Intermediate
Pearl Drift 11aW-W Raised by Colin Crotty
Kiwi Magic 4W-W
Baldock 4Y-P Raised by Max Hamilton
Sea Dream 3W-W
Little Jewel 3W-P
Jamore 2Y-R
Helen O'More Raised by the late J.A. O'More
Polar Sky 2W-WWP
Sulphur Monarch 1Y-Y
Polar Glow 2W-PPW
White Sapphire 2W-W
Polar Venture 2W-W
Polar Flame 3W-OO
Pink Topaz 1W-P
Polar Morn 3W-YWW
Polar Convention 3W-W
Absolute 2W-YYP
Elfin Moon 2W-W Intermediate
Elfin Dell 2W-P Intermediate
The ADS website has a directory where you can look up each variety to see what its bloom looks like. Click here to start searching Daffseek.


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