Gustav's Gift of Rain

Inches and inches of rain will keep you out of the garden, thanks to Gustav. I'm going to make eggplant caviar. If you have a little time to surf the Internet, here are some sites I like.

The Dutchess Dirt newsletter from Cornell University is loaded with information you can use. Read this month's and sign up for future issues if you like it.

Have you stopped by Dee's Oklahoma blog, Red Dirt Ramblings? Great writing, full of heart, from a garden writer near Oklahoma City.

The EPA's Hurricane Gustav website is here.
NASA's Gustav site is here.

Lari Ann Garner's article on what goes on under your plant's visible parts is here.

Mrs. Greenhands garden blog is here. Check it out, you'll be entertained and charmed.


Anonymous said…
Hi Martha,

Thanks for linking to me. Your words are too kind. Two weeks until GWA. I can't wait.~~Dee

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