23 September 2008

Fall is the Right Time to Divide Perennials

Fine Gardening Magazine's Janet Macunovich has a terrific column on dividing perennials today.
(Read about Macunovich here and here. Don't miss that second link - It's how to access her articles online for $25 at practical gardening institute dot com. )

At the Fine Gardening link, Macunovich provides plant division tips with photos of the process plus videos.

The basics she covers include: Divide healthy plants in cool weather, starting at the drip line; keep the diggings cool and moist while you amend the soil; use the healthiest parts as transplants, and, spread them widely enough to establish their own root system

Scroll down the page for other helpful videos including how to divide plants with taproots, running roots, woody roots, etc.

Keep scrolling to find a list of what to divide when and how.
It's everything you need to know in order to rejuvenate older plants. When making divisions for your gardens put a few into pots to give as holiday gifts

Click here to read all about it.

.Photo: Sage at Moonshadow Herb Farm

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