Video of Exotic Garden in Australia

ABC's show, Gardening Australia, has video clips of not-to-be-missed garden interviews. Melbourne's Botanic Gardens is the site of the newest interview and tour.

Jeremy Prentice, Curator is interviewed on this one. Click and enjoy before the clip is taken off the website!

The title is Tropical Hothouse and the date is 23/08/2008.

Jeremy's blog about the Melbourne Glasshouse is called the Natural Ponderer.

He is the administrator of
An International Network of Horticulturalists

And there is a link to a U. Conn. botanist's blog,
Burger's Onion blog is at
Weird Botany and Horticulture

Then, there is The Mindful Gardener blog link on his site, written by an American horticulturist who is practicing Thich Nhat Hahn's mindfulness meditation while working at a large commercial nursery business.



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