Golden Plants, Wine Stomping and a Horticulture Show at the Fair

David Zlesek at the Univeristy of Minnesota sends out an email newsletter, Yard and Garden News that always informs.

Today's issue has a survey of gold leaf plants for the landscape.

Zlesek lists and describes the time-tested ones
- Golden-leaved spireas, barberries, ninebarks, cutleaf staghorn sumac, gold bridal wreath, Garden Glow dogwood, golden mock orange, golden elderberry and golden smoketree.

WINERY GRAPE STOMP Dee Selby ( at Stone Bluff Cellars in Haskell OK sent out an email about their grape stomp which will be held this Saturday.
The White Grape Harvest Party & Grape Stomp is Saturday, August 9th from 7 to 10 a.m. Cost is $15 per person, RSVP to 918 482 5655 is required.
In an email Dee said, "People who attend the grape stomp & harvest party get a buffet style breakfast, a visor or bandana, 10% off wine purchases, a chance to experience grape stomping, observe the wine-making process as it begins on the crush pad, and, of course, do a little low-key picking. It's actually a fun time for everyone – the picking is an optional activity that's designed to let our customers experience a vital part of the winery's annual cycle of activity."
We recently went to the winery for a Sunday lunch and a bottle of wine with out of town guests. The restaurant is casual and the club sandwiches were terrific.
Mary Flanders, President of the Chouteau OK Garden Club, is looking for qualified horticulture judges for an upcoming show.
The Choteau club is sponsoring a horticulture show during the Pryor Fair, September 5th at 9:30. If you know anyone or someone else who might know someone, please forward this information. Mary's phone number is 918-476-8963.
We are anticipating a cool down to the mid-90's and hope most of our garden can hold on until then. In the meantime we are watering and the cucumbers are bitter from the heat stress.


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