Stay Cool Inside

Very little in the way of gardening can be done when it is 105 outside. Today we watered and checked on things but plants struggle to survive the kind of soil temperatures there will be over the next few days. Even some of the shade garden plants in moist soil are desiccating. Poor dears.

For a hot weekend, some quality time on the Internet or with a book will fill the gardener's time.

On the gardening side, check out Felder Rushing's website. Rushing's books include some titles you may have read, "Tough Plants for Southern Gardens", "Passalong Plants", "Gardening Southern Style" and others.

Rushing's website is
Click on links that interest you but be sure to click on the Felderphotos link on the left side of the page for some entertaining shots of his yard, friends and places he has visited.

UBC BOTANICAL GARDEN at offers a botany photo of the day. The link is on the right side of the home page. Click through some of the photos and subscribe to receive one of these beauties every day in your email inbox.

On the pure silly entertainment side of Internet fun, go to
The blog owner asks readers to send photos of professional baker creations that flopped.

He says, ", question MUST come from a "professional" bakery: your local grocery, deli, etc. If an individual made it, then it must have been paid for with actual money. No freebies! UPDATE: I'm lovin' all the e-mails, so keep it up, people! "

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS blog provides interesting pieces in their blog at

CAMBIUM GARDENING is an online bookseller that offers gardening and nature books at a discount.

Stay cool.


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