The Late August Garden

The monarch butterfly caterpillars keep getting this big and disappearing. Are the birds eating them or are they making chrysalis and becoming adult butterflies?

Sharon Owen gave me some Spreen a few years ago and it's grandchildren came up in unlikely places this year. One plant came up through the weed prevention cloth in the bramble bed. This photo is the view at the back of the blackberry bed (on the right). On the left, is a hedge of Manhattan Euonymus (Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Manhattan' )along the chainlink fence.
Here is a closeup of the (Lambsquarters) Spreen.

One of the Google alerts I have is vermicompost as we are still learning about how to maximize the health and usefulness of our compost worm beds. Here's a link to an Australian site with 10-helpful-tips for vermicompost success. Mother Earth Worms 10 Best Tips


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