Two Butterfly Houses in St.Louis MO

Can you imagine? St. Louis MO has two butterfly houses. Talk about pastures of plenty! The dome shaped building on the left is at the St. Louis Zoo and the one on the right is at Faust Park in Chesterfield.
The butterfly house at Faust Park belongs to Missouri Botanical Garden.

The Faust Park house had 1,200 butterflies in it today. It was built with private funding from foundations, corporations, individuals and membership. Each bench and rock has a donor name on it to acknowledge the community support for the project.

The project began in June 1997. The 8,000 square foot Conservatory Garden is sheathed in 646 pieces of glass. The center vault is 36-feet high. Another 8,000 square feet adjacent to the Conservatory houses classrooms, theater, and gift shop.

Christner, Inc., Bannes Consulting and BSI Construction executed the design, project management and construction.

It is a tropical house with only imported butterflies in it. Around the outside there are gardens loaded with nectar and larva food plants for Missouri native butterflies.

Go if you can.

St. Louis Zoo is home to their Insectarium with a geodesic-domed butterfly house. The house is smaller than the Faust Park building, admission is free and it has several hundred butterflies to enjoy.

The St. Louis Zoo Insectarium has a native plant garden for butterflies to enjoy outside.

Both buildings have plenty of educational displays and gift shops.


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