The Edamame is Ready to Harvest

The Edamame (Glycine max L.) is about ready to harvest. You may already know that Edamame is the proper name for a soy bean. We started growing them before you could easily buy them frozen in bags at the grocery store. None of our local stores sell them fresh.

The food guru Mark Bittman has an Edamame preparation video online at the New York Times.

We just grow 8 or 10 plants to have the pods as snacks. Preparation is simple: Boil in salted water and eat like a peanut, removing the bean from the pod.

The Blackberries are being hit hard by the heat and are dramatically slowing down production of ripe fruit. The flowering has stopped completely, although we have watered them to try to keep them going.

Amazingly, this Black Beauty lily reached 6-feet tall and is still blooming to the tune of a dozen flowers open every day. The weather has barely fazed it's rugged nature.

Anything happening where you are?


Anonymous said…
I'm just trying to keep it all alive. I've harvested a few tomatoes, but this heat will be the end of blossom set. I've sprayed the roses for disease and just kept everyone from dying. I think that's pretty good under the circumstances. Keep cool.~~Dee
Molly Day said…
I feel your pain, Dee.
The constant temps over 100 are really burning things up here.

Even plants like goldenrod. that I had assumed were indestructible are burning.

On the upside, the heat can't last forever and we'll see what's still standing and know that it's the tough stuff.

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