How Would You Rate Your Summer '08?

We are on the path toward the end of Summer 2008. How would you say your garden choices turned out?

Our beds varied from better than ever to Oh, that didn't work very well.

Big hits here, in no particular order, were San Marzo Paste Tomatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Peace Rose, White Crapemyrtle, Shasta Daisy, Kandy Corn, Shrimp Plant, Wave Petunia, lilies of all types, garlic, Passion vine (red and blue), iris, daylilies, Snow-on the Mountain (native Euphorbia), zinnias of all sizes, Nicotiana, bulbing fennel, Asters, Black-eyed Susan, Castor Bean, Hibiscus, lettuces, Mexican sunflower, Phlox (tall perennial), Ixia, Canna lily, Nepeta, herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, mint), etc.

What will you repeat next year and what will you leave out?


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