Wazzup? Lots of Things!

Broccoli, kale and Chinese cabbage seedlings got to sunbathe today. They are still pretty spindly. Inside, still under lights, lettuce seedlings had a fan on them for several hours today.
Jewels of Opar seedlings are coming up among the seeds and stems I laid on top of sterile germinating mix. They were on a heat mat until they came up.
Most seed companies say to plant pea seeds directly in the ground rather than inside, but my luck is improved by starting them inside where the birds and squirrels can't snack on them.

Dianthus, pinks, seedlings are so fragile when they are getting started. Hard to believe what tough little plants they will eventually become.
This is a sage plant that I brought into the shed for the winter. As it grows I use the leaves in the kitchen.
I'm planting seeds almost every day so it better warm up soon - the shed will be too full in a couple of weeks.


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