Blossom's Pre-Order

This is such a cool idea for veggie gardeners to know about.

For the second year, Blossom's Garden Center in Muskogee is offering an opportunity to pre-order veggie starts so you don't have to drive around from one garden center to another looking for what you want.

You let them know now what you want and they have it for you to pay for and pick up when they open mid-April.

The order deadline is in two weeks - March 1 - so click over and take a look.

Here's the email from owners Matthew and Lora Weatherbee -

We promised you an email when we opened up our vegetable plant booking this year. Customers seemed very happy with this service last year. Simply go to our website and let us know what vegetable plants you want and we will save them for you for pickup in April. It's a great way to guarantee that you'll get the varieties you want. No payment now. You can pay for the plants when you pick them up in April.

We have not raised our prices. They are the same as last year.

If you have friends that are gardeners, please pass on this information to them. Booking deadline is March 1, 2010.

Here is a link to our website:
Thanks, Matthew & Lora Blossom's Garden Center, Muskogee OK

I'm collecting eggshells that are just cracked open on the top to use at a volunteer appreciation lunch as place setting planters. The event is sponsored by Rotary and Muskogee Nonprofit Resource Center. Jessica and Rebecca at MNRC are the artistic types so they will decorate. I'll plant. Should be cute - we need over 100 eggshell planters but we have until Earth Day to get it done.


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