02 February 2010

Klehm Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery- Non Vining Clematis

One of the wonders of this time of year is receiving so many dreamy and exciting catalogs.

Take a look at this dreamy and exciting non-vining clematis in the
Klehm Song Sparrow catalog that arrived yesterday.

It needs a much more glamorous name. Clematis integrifolia Rosea really doesn't make it for me.

How about Clematis Pink Butterflies? Clematis Vivid Pink Origami? Don't those flowers look like origami swans? Look at these on Sparkling Sweet Origami.

Iowa State Extension Service has the scoop on successful growing here.

The highlights of the article are:
Some non-vining clematis bloom in summer.
They act more like perennials with upright, bush-like growth habits.
Solitary clematis (Clematis integrifolia) is 18-24 inches tall and wide with small, nodding, flowers.
Each stem is topped with a single flower.
It blooms for a long time, from June into August. (I bet it wouldn't bloom until August in our zone 7 heat though I would love to try it.)

Most clematis, regardless of bloom time or habit, prefer sunny sites.(There's a myth busted.)
Clematis prefer neutral to slightly alkaline and well-drained soil.

Under 2-feet tall and wide, sun loving....sounds like a front of the bed beauty. I think I need 6.

If you have another click's worth of time, check out the Polish nursery that has dozens of Clematis in their catalog and wonderful photos. Clematis - Container Nursery

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