See You Saturday at the Gardening School

Gardening Basic Training
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
St. Paul United Methodist Church
Activity Center
2130 W. Okmulgee AV

This half-day class is organized by the Muskogee City Wellness Initiative and will bring together several experienced local gardeners and educators to introduce participants to the wonderful world of growing food.

In these times of super-sized everything — from meal servings to TVs and waistlines - gardening offers a plateful of fun and fulfillment for any and all who partake.

Some of the hot topics and featured speakers will include:

• Choosing a garden site and growing backyard fruit, Sue Gray, Tulsa County OSU Extension.

• Earth-friendly gardening, Doug Walton, Muskogee Farmers Market.

• Selecting vegetable varieties, Matthew Weatherbeee, Blossoms Garden Center.

• Seed starting and transplanting, Martha Stoodley, Master Gardener.

• Irrigation and weed control, Kim Walton, Waltons Farm.

• Kitchen garden herbs, Sharon Owen, Moonshadow Herb Farm.

Free Gardening: Basic Training on Saturday.

Please call OSU Extension at 918-686-7200 to let them know you're coming.


Flowers said…
Thanks for organising the workshop for gardening basics. It was nice going through it. Wish if I could attend this.
I'll be at the Oklahoma City one this weekend from 9:00 to 5:00 at the Myriad Gardens. Fun ways to pass the time until spring.~~Dee

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