Cabin Fever? Can't Wait for Spring? Start Some Bulbs Inside - They Will be Ready to Bloom in a Few Weeks

I started these paperwhite narcissus in the pot after Christmas. Like many bulbs, they will emerge in about 10 days and bloom within a month or so.

Take a look at these daffodil Websites for other narcissus ideas.
The American Daffodil Society is here
The online daffodil conversation is here.

Consider rain lilies, lily of the valley, calla lilies, snowdrops, crocus, iris, tulips, and hyacinths, too. They will all succeed indoors and bring spring a couple of months ahead of schedule.

As gardening projects go, this could not be easier.

Select a shallow pot - 6 to 8 inches deep at the most.
Fill with soil to within 2 inches of the top.
Arrange the bulbs on top of the moist soil.
Fill in with a combination of soil and pebbles to anchor the bulbs in place.
I like to top it with pebbles or chicken scratch to help keep the surface dry and free of gnats.
Put the pot in a cool room.
Check in a week and when green leaves emerge from the bulb, move into the sun.
Press your finger onto the soil and water when it is dry.

You will have flowers in about a month.
In the photo are narcissus Ziva that I bought from Touch of Nature in December. They still have narcissus and tulips on sale here.

If you want Zivas, White Flower Farm has them on sale here.
Rain lilies from Easy to Grow Bulbs here.
Many other bulbs I mentioned above are available on the Internet.

Bring spring on!


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