Lettuce Combos help gardeners get some of everything from Renee's Garden Seeds

Renee's Garden Seeds is one of my favorites. I have high standards for germination rate and information on successful growing. If there isn't an explanation of how to grow the plants and if the seeds don't germinate, I stop ordering. No doubt you do the same thing.

Another reason I enjoy using Renee's is that the website is easy to navigate and stuffed with useful information.

Since I spent the afternoon transplanting lettuce seedlings, I have lettuce on the brain and explored Renee's combination packs for future planting.

So, here are the combo lettuce packs they are offering this year. Consider the wisdom of a variety pack to get a colorful salad bowl without buying 3 different envelopes of seeds.

The photos are from the website - there is no print catalog. Use the link above to access the details on each blend.

Baby Mesclum Cut and Come Again

Heirloom Cutting Mix Italian Misticanza Farmer's Market BlendAsian Baby Leaf Mix Ruby Emerald Duet Container Lettuce French Blush Batavian Trio Summer Bouquet Mesclun Monet's Garden Mesclun Paris Market Mix Lettuce: Romaine - Caesar Duo


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