23 February 2010

Chlorophyll In His Veins by Bobby J. Ward

Noble County Oklahoma native J. C. Raulston was a modern plant hunter who became an educator, horticultural ambassador and plantsman at North Carolina State University. Now, there is an 8-acre arboretum in his name.

Here's a link to the Raulston Arboretum so you can take a look and maybe plan a visit.

The book is available at author Bobby J. Wards's site here.

On a recent trip, I had time to read the entire 350 pages and loved every minute of it. We have all read about the Brother Gardeners, Bartram, Fairchild et al from the 1790s. Lancaster was a modern day version with an equally complex life.

It's interesting isn't it that most of us know less about Raulston than we do about those historic figures?

Ward was a friend of Raulston for 10 years before J. C.'s death in an auto accident in 2006.

Biography, plant history, botany, Oklahoma, institutional politics, sociology - it's all here.

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