17 January 2010

Tippolly Farm Planting Plans and Garden Help

Tippolly Farm's website contains a wealth of gardening tips, links and information.

Kate and Jim Porter's Vegetable Gardening Guide is a software generated personalized planting plan.

You provide your last frost date and the number of people you feed from your garden and they send comprehensive planting lists in a return email.

Don't know your last average frost date?
No problem. A link on the site will take you to NOAA's Normal Freeze data. Here is the Oklahoma one for you to see.

The personalized plan is a chart indicating plant seeds inside, outside, fall crop, pH preferred by the plant, amount to plant (row feet), plant spacing, etc.

Another chart tells you when to plant based on your last freeze date. This is definitely worth your time. No more read the seed instructions and count backwards for each crop. The Vegetable Planting Guide is $4.00

For an additional $4, a chart for growing herbs in included in the deal with the same helpful information. Then, there is a companion planting chart included, too.

The planting guide tells you how many plants or how many seeds (by ounce) you would need to reach your goals.

Sharon Owen of Moonshadow Herb Farm said, "That’s the coolest gardening website for beginners (and/or people who hate to do the math) I ever saw. Great!"

Virginia Stanley, nutritionist for Oklahoma State University Extension Service said, "This makes is so much easier to plan and first time gardening would be a cinch with the chart of when to plant."

On the tippolly site, they have how-to build a raised bed with construction photos, basic seed starting tips, a link to Active Desktop Organizer ($30), and AWESOME LINKS that will take you far and wide into your personal gardening exploration.

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