In the Shed on a Cold Jan 3rd

It's early January in the coldest winter I've ever spent - 18 degree nights and 30 degree days. Normal for us is 48 at this time of year.
The little oil filled heater in the shed is on around the clock keeping things going and the seed heat mat is now plugged in to start early spring vegetables.

This little rainbow chard seedling is one that was part of a late summer planting. Still in a little pot when the weather turned, it now gets a spot under the grow lights.

The Chinese Cabbage seeds are planted and ready to put on the heat mat.

I'm babying the Rue plant in the shed so it will be big enough to feed Giant Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars next spring. It's surprising that the flowers are forming seeds. They must have been pollinated before the pot was dragged inside for the winter.

Ah, my Rudbeckia Chocolate Orange. Started from seed last fall and now a few are blooming in the shed even though it's only in the low 50s out there. Most of the flower buds are pruned off when the plants are potted up to the next size pot, but I couldn't resist allowing a few to bloom.


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