One Woman's Opinion - Garden Trends 2010

Jennifer Beaver writes for the weekly Signal Tribune Newspaper in Long Beach CA. Most of us can't compare ourselves with gardeners in Long Beach where the weather is ideal.

Beaver's December 31 2009 column is an example of her quick mind and gardening talents. I'll give you a few excerpts and a link to read the whole thing.

"Last year, it became politically correct to be a gardener."
"This is all very wonderful and very strange. When the things you have been doing privately in your backyard suddenly become fodder for cocktail chatter, it's quite a surprise."

"Whether you're an experienced gardener or just contemplating sticking a trowel in the soil for the first time, there’s something for you:
• Yard sharing: According to Hyperlocavore (, yard sharing is "an arrangement between people to share skills and gardening resources…to grow food as locally as possible…"
• Buying local produce: Watch for fresher, healthier fruits and vegetables from CSA (community-supported agriculture) farms.
• Community gardening: They sprang up all over town in 2009 and will continue to blossom this year as well.
• Free gardening workshops: Watch for free composting, container gardening, and drought-tolerant...
• Edible gardens replacing lawns: Now everyone’s doing it.
• Conserving water: As our supply dries up, gardeners are getting more creative.

Read the entire piece at


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