Seed Starting - Pre Germination

Seed starting can be speeded up by placing seeds between layers of paper towel in a protected environment for a few days.

The paper towel is moist not dripping wet. The seeds are spaced far enough apart that when they sprout, they will not mold.

These are fifty cent plastic plates from a junk store. The top one is on there because our house is 60-degrees at night and most seeds want 70 degrees to germinate.

Here are a couple of sites that go into more detail if you like research.
Iowa State
Kids Valley Garden

Then, here is a YouTube video of planting seeds germinated on paper towel. I try to plant mine before they get this big though.

Also, beware of moldy seeds if you use those sealed zip lock baggies. Open the bag every day and check the seeds or put a couple of air holes in the baggie.


I tried using paper towel to speed up germination once. It improved the success rate, yes. ~bangchik

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