Seed Order - Sand Hill Preservation Center

It was sunny today and the daffodils are up so I am placing my first seed order of 2010.

Here's what I ordered from San Hill Preservation Center in Iowa
Sugar Snap Peas $1.75
Armstrong Early Cucumber $2.00
Gambro (pimento) Pepper $2.00
Gill's Golden Pippin Winter Squash $2.75
Burpee Gloriana Tomato $1.75
Siberian Pink Tomato $1.75
Asters - mixed colors $1.00
Sweet Genovese Basil $1.25

Total $14.25
Shipping and handling are zero on orders over $10.00

I grew their seeds last year with really good results. If you've never looked at their catalog, check it out online.
They accept orders ONLY by U.S. Mail.


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