Peas in a Folie a Duex

Live and learn.

The first planting of fall peas was a complete flop. Trying something new is a bit of a madness with gardeners isn't it?

So, today I tried a second planting. This time I soaked the pea seeds between sheets of paper towels until they plumped up. Last time I put them in pots and in the ground like I would in the spring. Spring it worked. August, they stewed in there.

Peas in a Folie a Duex though the madness is entirely my own. On the left the peas soaked between paper towel sheets. On the right pea seeds as they come out of the envelope.

Will it work this time? The weather is certainly more pea-like. In the 50s tonight should be pea weather, shouldn't it? There will not be a Legume a Trois - no third planting. If this planting does not sprout, I'll put in something else...though I was hoping for a nitrogen fixing crop.
The photo is of the spring crop planted in 1-inch cells - they did quite well. Sigh.


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